A winter sports company wants to win the coveted “Best in Snow” award this year which is given to the year’s safest and speediest sled. The sled also needs to win a downhill speed race.

Design a fast, maneuverable, safe, and easily transportable sled that has at least two grip points, can hold at least one rider, and can be used in any type of snow. Then, create a video to pitch the finished concept to the sports company.

Design Researcher
Concept Development
Fusion 360 Designer and Drafter 
Borisov’s Comet: A Sled that "Sleighs" the Slopes

Borisov’s Comet: A Sled that "Sleighs" the Slopes

How can we meet all of the criteria and constraints​​​​​​​? ​​​​​​​
Since both speed and safety are a concern, it is important to understand all of the variables involved in sledding down a hill. I researched how sleds interact with their environment and what sleds were already on the market to understand current styles, materials, and features. 
Common Types of Sleds and Their Features on the Market

Common Types of Sleds and Their Features on the Market

Idea Generation Sketches
Idea Generation Sketches
Technical Drawing of Current Sled Iteration
Technical Drawing of Current Sled Iteration
Data showed the saucer sled, luge, and hybrid styles are currently the best sleds for this competition. A combination of the best features from each style would win the “Best in Show” award.
The new design included the curve of the saucer sled and the rails of a luge to help with steering and maneuverability. To protect the rider’s fingers, there are two handles placed inside the sled. There is also a specific area designed to keep the rider stationary as they go down the slopes.
Zoom past your opponents, fly across the finish line, and sleigh the slopes with Borisov’s Comet! Borisov’s Comet is the fastest comet in our galaxy, going 110,000 miles per hour. Now, you may not go that fast, but you will head straight to the first-place podium with this sled!

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