In a time where knowledge of science and health is imperative for safe living, a child’s understanding of something complex means more people understand why something is happening. How can children understand something as complex as an X-ray machines? 

First, create a video to show young children what x-rays are, how x-ray machines work, risks associated with x-rays, and other machines that use x-rays. Then, create a physical artifact that makes x-rays easier to understand.

Design Researcher
Concept Development
An interactive way for children to understand X-rays

An interactive way for children to understand X-rays

What can a child watch to demystify an X-ray machine?
My research covered what X-rays are, how X-ray machines work, risks associated with X-rays, and other machines that use X-rays. The research provided a natural outline that was used for the animation timeline and storyboard. 
While the storyboard included images, scene description, noise description, and producer/editor instruction for the animation scene, the script explained exactly what the audio is describing during the video.
Animation Storyboard
Animation Storyboard
Animation Script
Animation Script
Animation Layout and Timeline
Animation Layout and Timeline
The finished animation holds the attention of children and explains a hard-to-understand concept in an easy way.
As a senior capstone project, this project was reviewed seriously and in-depth. If you are interested in reviewing the design brief, please contact me
The physical artifact that accompanies this video is a simplified and interactive X-ray machine. At first, it shows a normal arm on a tube. When a red sheet of acrylic acting as “X-rays” is placed over top of this tube, the arm bones are revealed. A folder placed in the back of the tube holds a real photo of an X-ray arm. 

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